Monday, October 31, 2011

Downtown Darkside Tour Saturday Nov. 5th Make your reservation now!

     During our Halloween Riverside Cemetery Tour, we had a lot of people who showed interest in also wanting to take the Downtown Darkside Tour. It looks like it won't be too cold Saturday night so I am trying to get a downtown tour together.
     It will start at 7 and it runs about two hours. It's similar to the cemetery tour except it is a total walking tour. We walk from 9th and Ohio over to Indiana down to 8th, over to the RR tracks on 7th, down Ohio a little further and finish back at 8th and Ohio.
     Hear stories of murder, suicide and accidents as it occurred in the HISTORY of Wichita Falls. We have a photo display that we show with large photos (about 50 in all) of what the town looked like back in the old days and you will see some things from the old days that you probably didn't know still existed.
     We put our 1968 Tribute Police Car in the exact same spot where two police officers were killed in 1968 on Ohio St. and tell you the story of their deaths (with a complete blessing from their loved ones.)
     We also tell you some ghost stories that have been told to us by prominent people in Wichita Falls.

If you enjoyed the Halloween or Historical Cemetery tour, you will love this tour too!

Visit our website for more info or call 631-5380 or email Julie at to make a reservation now. I must have 10 reservations before I will conduct a tour.


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