Sunday, November 11, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt in Wichita Falls, TX

Come join us for the 12 Days of Christmas scavenger hunt! You can do one day or all twelve days, it's just all in fun. Once you win though, you can't win again. Each bag found has a value of over $175 and each bag will include at least one X-Box or X-Box Kinect video game.

Here's how it works:

Starting on Friday Dec. 8th and ending on Wed. Dec. 19th we will hide a sack full of goodies at an historic place somewhere in Wichita Falls. We will hide a bag on the weekdays at night and on the weekends during the day so that everyone will have a chance to find one.

Each day, we will post on our Facebook page at a photo clue. 


If the bag isn't found by the first clue within a few minutes, a second photo clue will be added. If, after a few minutes the bag is still not found, we will post a written clue and will continue with clues until the bag is found. The clues will get harder as the days go on.
You will have to post a photo of yourself with the bag as soon as you find it. In addition, you will have to post a password that will be found inside the bag to prove that you actually got it so that others will not continue to drive around looking for it and wasting their gas. You simply have to post on the Historical Tours of Wichita Falls Facebook site something like, "I found it and the password is - ."
Spread the word, tell all of your friends to "Like" our Facebook page. The clues will be posted on that page every day. Lets have fun with this and just maybe you will find some really great Christmas presents inside the hidden bag!!
Julie Coley

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